Tuesday 26 November 2013

Still Eating Outside

Dear Family & Friends

Whenever sun shines on weekend, our family would practice and take advantage of eating out in the garden. This portable electric grill can be trusted with fish wrapped up in aluminium foil for easy cleaning up afterwards. Fish cooks quick! Grilled meat can also be done the same way and cooking outside means kitchen will be less messy and grilled food smell is better outside than in the house.

Somebody gathered some cosmos flowers and laid them on our table. I think it matches up well with the handmade quilt table cover I did.

With autumn season, chrysanthemums are flowers we get to enjoy while sitting out in the garden.

Although I've pulled up a lot of the marigolds last mid October when one frosty freak day came and killed some, yet, there are still a few more fighting with the cool days of autumn...as long as frost won't hit, they will still carry on to give us the pleasure:)

We're trying our best to make the most of the last remaining wamish days. 

Hope you have a lovely bright day today too:)



  1. Plenty of cosmos flower in our garden when I was glowing up. So nostalgic. Very pretty photos. I can't see very well from the pic but I'm sure the hand made quilt is very nice...I love the color.

  2. Hi Annie, wow... those flowers are really lovely and beautiful especially the last picture. You're very creative, the quilt look beautiful. Love the colour.
    Best regards


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