Friday 6 December 2013

Crocheted Lampshade

Dear Family & Friends

Sometime ago, I shared with you a big crochet doiley made for a friend with the intention of turning it into a lamp shade. Well, recently, I found myself at their home and caught sight of the lit lampshade. So, I couldn't resist taking some photo of it to show you.

I also examined how she creatively shaped it into a bowl shape. I understand she starched it well and draped it over a bowl till it dried up.

Afterwards, she lined and stitched a net clothing underneath.

The cherry top of the lampshade is actually a ping pong ball which she cleverly painted to match the wooden stand.

If I have an old lampshade stand in need of a shade, I would definitely like to try a project like this one. The light that shines through the lacey shade just gives the room a lovely cosy feel:)

If my clever friend happens to read this post... please know that we were at your home while you weren't around and I've evidently enjoyed your artwork ;P



  1. I agree, it's lovely! The ping-pong ball idea was great too.

  2. Annie, you're welcome any time! You know where we keep the wood :) Make a fire, put your feet up, relax! We'll be back in a couple months - we're anxious to see you all again!

    1. "The Mama" told me she had seen this posting of yours a week ago, but with her iPad, she can't reply, so this is why i'm writing now.. :)


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