Monday 9 December 2013

Time To Put Our Feet Up

Dear Family & Friends

Although we can still see a few flowers and bees braving the cold days, we know it won't be long before they go and chill out for the winter months!

Lavender plant is a must in a garden...really worth having them.

Having fresh tomato is now a history...but would definitely look forward to having them again next year! We still have tomatoes in our meals...but mainly cooked as soup, stew or with pasta! I have stored up a lot of tomatoes for this purpose!

Tiny yellow tomatoes...delicious as snacks and for salads

It's literally time to put our feet up. Growing a garden activity has come to a halt but there are still a few harvest to take like: parsley, chards, chinese greens, brussel sprouts and lettuces, all protected inside a pollytunnel.

Time to put your feet up!

While outside chores have slowed down, there's plenty to do in the house. See the food storage definitely need some attention!!

Some disgraceful sight hidden inside cupboard doors.

It's also time to start filling and using the tea pot to keep ourselves warm. Perhaps make some pancakes, spread butter on it and sprinkle some icing sugar, just perfect to go with a cup of tea! I definitely need to add some pounds to keep, I think I will go with this idea for now. 

Captivated with blue prints on kitchen wares for the moment.

Summer seems a long time ago...remember the summer camp my girls attended? Well, this time, they are invited to join a winter camp! The organizer is praying for a lot of snow because he intends the children to have a sleep experience outside in an igloo!! Talk about winter fun!!

As for me, I'll stay indoor with my home projects. Do hope you keep yourself warm and busy too...and enjoy your day:)



  1. Yep, gardening season has come to an end for the moment but in a couple months it will be time to start seedlings indoors.

  2. Ha ha ha. Is that your husband feet? I don't know I could sleep in igloo but sounds fun. The cute yellow tomatoes are would be great healthy snack for me.

  3. i hear from my bulgarian friends that bulgarians make very good palachinka, feel free to show your palachinka to us on your blog! :)


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