Friday 3 January 2014

Cyling Around the Village

Dear Family & Friends

My two girls are taking advantage of every opportunity to go out cycling. While news in many parts of the world are gloomy with lots of storm, snow, rain and floods...we seem to have been spared. We had a bit of first winter snow and frost on most mornings...but not much to grumble, although I think snow will come a bit later on.. So, on a beautiful day, the girls set on their bicycle journey!

This big tree in the middle of the big field is such an attraction to the girls. They always take a photo of it whenever they go that way.

Another favourite destination is this nearby big lake. Once they reach this lake, these two girls will not hesistate to carry on cycling further on till they reach the spa town of Hissar! That's about 8 kilometres each way, about 1.5 hrs cycling!!

We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to live here. Still so free and peaceful a place! I don't normally worry about them cycling a long way nor does it worry them at all. Except for the cute barking dogs in the villages which sometimes scare the little girl.  

They love the open nature beauty and the serenity of it all. The exercise they get out of cycling gives them so much pleasure too.

This village man is going back to his home with the pieces of woods and logs he gathered into his cart. Home is calling. The fireplace needs to be lit.

The sun is about to set and soon darkness will arrive, and that's when we know that a nice good day is over. The girls are back home...brought lots of nice photos to share with their mother...and I hope you enjoyed the photos of the beauty that surrounds our village too.

Wishing you a lovely day:)



  1. Oh Annie, that is so beautiful! We are covered in snow and the temperatures are sub-zero. Those photos make me so warm and happy!

  2. Hi Annie, wow.... very spectacular and beautiful scenery. I enjoyed looking at the wonderful pictures.Thanks for the tour. Regards.


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