Wednesday 8 January 2014

How We Get Our Village Milk

Dear Family & Friends,

Let me show you where my children get their milk... yes from a milking cow, of course! But this is being delivered to our house twice a week by our milk supplier... See, how cool is that?!

a milking cow in England...looking so healthy and clean!

We save and ask friends to help recyle drink bottles to give to our milk supplier. We buy milk by the litre and this old couple delivers it to us in recycled bottles, on their horse and cart...yes! That cute! It's OK on nice weather but not so good on a freezing morning or wet days:(

Our precious milk delivery village grandpa/grandma...even on a cold winter morning.

There have been days when we did't have delivery because the horse and cart got stuck on a muddy, dirt road enroute 7-8 kilometres to our village! Life is hard! So, we're grateful for our milk, and for this particular grandpa & grandma who comes from the next village to give us this service.
Milk transaction in action...1 leva (50 pence) for 1litre of fresh milk!

Part of my big girl's job is to be ready to receive and pay the milk that is delivered on a scheduled to wake up early for that! Then, she have to boil the fresh milk to kill all the bacteria. From this point, she either scoop some to turn it to yogurt while it's warm, or completely cool it and store in the fridge for drinking or for other cooking and baking usage... that is until the next milk delivery date.
This horse is part of the special team...Did you notice the frosty whiskers?:(

In the meantime, she have to wash all the milk bottles and the cooking pan too:) Perhaps not all of us have to do it this way, but that's how my girls work to enjoy their glass of milk:)

So grateful for the many people around us who contributes to the growth and well being of my children...our village milk provider is just one of the many. We are very fortunate to have them... a blessing in life!

Blessings to you too:)



  1. Annie! This is SO WONDERFUL! I am very jealous of that precious milk that is delivered to you and your family. You are very lucky :-)

  2. Annie , I'm thinking of making mozzarella using your fresh milk lol Your eldest is wonderful !

  3. Oh Annie you are blessed to have this. I love the idea of that sweet couple delivering milk. Your daughter is a smart one too.
    Thanks for such a great post and for sharing it over at Farmgirl Friday.

  4. Nice story! You live in a charming village.

  5. Hi Annie, great posting. Love this kind of village life and the fresh milk delivery by the sweet couple in horse cart, really wonderful. :))
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Best regards.


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