Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Memories of The Great Big Oak

Dear Family & Friends

Here's some beautiful photos I'm sharing with you. My excuse to cover some of winter's misery. Several weeks ago = about two months... the beauty of the trees that surrounded us were tinted with the last remains of their yellowing leaves...

Aren't they beautiful? I've got to hang on to these wonderful memories...because these days, I've literally made myself, won't even dare go into the garden....just feeling too whimp to face outside temperature.

My girls still cycles out on a nice sunny day...but they have moved the cycling time much earlier to catch a bit of the warmth sunshine.

In this season, I gave myself the important job title of:  "Keeper of the Roaring Fireplace" in the house....usually armed with some form of needle and thread on hand too... Ah, but I do enjoy this activity!

Wonder what activity you enjoy when weather temperature drops and is still dropping further down?



  1. Ha! That's my job in the wintertime as well. A job I adore :)

  2. Hi Annie, wow.. .very spectacular pictures. Love your header picture too, beautiful.

    Have a nice day.

  3. Your photos are beautiful! We are waiting for snow here tonight. I have lots of fabric pieces ready to sew a quilt tomorrow! I will watch the snow come down while I sew!

  4. Annie , housebound sounds wonderful :D Gotta finish those crochet project !

  5. Annie, Pictures are beautiful! Wide open place is peaceful and I love the new top photo.


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