Saturday 8 February 2014

Bathing Chicken

Dear Family & Friends

This is a story in the life of "Bubble & Squeak".   Two of our pioneer chickens. This is also my recording of Bubble who died a few weeks ago. We do miss her and her own chicken character:(

One summer's day, Our first chicken called "Squeak" decided to have her dust bath in my weedy vegetable patch! Chickens are very capable of keeping themselves clean. It is funny to our human eyes to watch them for they wallow on dirt, throwing dirt all over themselves, and they remain there for a while in full bliss!

No, this is not a tragic scene. This chicken is just having a dust bath to keep clean of mites

Her buddy, "Bubbles", went around the whole garden searching for her friend. She stood on my garden tile divider...hoping to see where "Squeak" is.

"Where have you gone Squeak?" Called Bubbles

When you first introduce another chicken to the flock, there's always going to be fight as they establish hierarchy... It's not a pretty sight to watch, but all you could do is to let them get on and hope it will be over quickly. Eventually, they all find their role and live in harmony.

"Over here Bubbles" replied Squeak.
"Hey Squeak...I've been looking for you all over the garden."
"I have to dust bath to maintain my pristine white feathers and maintain health!"

Later, Bubbles also joined Squeak dust bathing. Now, we have two clean and happy chickens. This is about a daily occurence in our little homestead:) Life is simple and fun.

Hope you have a good day too:)


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