Wednesday 5 February 2014

Vegetable Planner 2014 - Rotation Planting (part 5/5)

Dear Family & Friends

Like everything in life....we need some sort of rotation in our daily living. Our meal menu needs rotation for balance diet...and so with our gardening activity too.

Our kind neighbour, Boris, helped us do a straight vegetable garden plots

Growing crops together makes sense, especially in a large veg plot. Related crops need similar soil treatment, and it helps prevent pests and diseases building up.

A three-year rotation is most suitable for small plots:
Year 1 Cabbage family
Year 2 Peas/beans/onions
Year 3 Potatoes/root crops

Whatever size your veg plot, it makes sense to get as much produce out of it as possible. Use the winter months to plan your crops for the following season.

For larger plots, use a four-year rotation:
Year 1 Potatoes
Year 2 Peas/beans
Year 3 Cabbage family
Year 4 Onions/root crops

preparing the soil using the ancient method....manpower and cooperation is important and fun:)

Vegetable can be grouped like this:
Cabbage family Includes Brussels sprouts, broccoli, calabrese, cabbages, cauliflowers, Chinese cabbage, kale kohl rabi, swedes and turnips. Closely related plants such as radish should also be included. Soil: lime acid soil and add plenty of fertiliser. Water when near maturity.

Potato family Also includes tomatoes, peppers and aubergines. Soil: no lime, plenty of fertiliser and organic matter.

Onion family Includes all kinds of onion, garlic,leeks and shallots. Soil: needs organic matter and moderate amounts of fertiliser.

Peas and beans Includes garden and mangetout peas, broad, French and runner beans and many greenmanure crops like lupins and vetches. Soil: add plenty of organic matter and not much fertiliser.
Water when pods are being produced.

Root crops Covers carrots, parsnips and parsley. Beetroot and spinach are often grouped with the roots, but are not related. Soil: no fresh organic matter, moderate fertiliser and little water.

Planting our vegetable garden in neat rows

Crops not mentioned, such as cucumbers and marrows, celery, lettuce and sweetcorn can be grown with any of the rotation groups, as convenient.

That's the last note for my vegetable planner this year. Hopefully some of the things mentioned were also useful resource to you. Let's look forward to another wonderful year of gardening:)



  1. Annie thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. Your veggie garden looks amazing and is way bigger than my little 3 x 1.2x1.2mt plots. However we still enjoy our little garden and dreams of a bigger garden and yard one day are always there. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. What an amazing garden! I LOVE the way you dig your rows! You know my Dad used to plough his garden with a draught horse and old fashioned plough when we were growing up. I loved it! Can't wait to see your pictures of your new season garden. Hopefully the snow will melt soon enough for you.

  3. Hi Annie, nice vegetable plot, look so neat and tidy. I always enjoyed looking at your huge garden. :))

    Best regards.

  4. As usual , I sigh every time I see your garden ! I'm sure it'll look more gorgeous when all those plants and veggies reach their peak come summertime :D

  5. Oh my! Your garden is large! Very neat too.


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