Wednesday 30 April 2014

Rain Water A Plenty

Dear Family & Friends

We have plenty, plenty , plenty of rain for the past few days. Oh No....I'm not complaining at all. Everything comes in good measure here. Rain comes to give me some rest from garden work, otherwise nothing stops me. With heavy rain storm, I have to ran and seek shelter indoor:)

rainy days ..

Rain came in torrent for two to three days...and it stop to come back again the following week. Just about right...because the garden looks so saturated. There'll be no need for me to water the plants and seeds sown at this time of the year.

big rain drops!

It looks miserable when rain comes...and feels like it too....but Hey! It's our chance to collect rain water. Wish we have more than four barrels to fill with...

This photo was taken just after the rain stopped and water is still flowing from the roof gutters...and it's sunny again!

So much rain to collect for later use! Rain water is very good for the garden plants.

rain water a plenty...

Rainy days are part of a gardener's blessing. Times like this, I sit in the house and pick up some of my unfinished home projects... as soon as rain's over, I'm sure more garden works are waiting for me again!

Have you had your spring time weather yet? Hope you are enjoying the unpredictable but fun Spring days!


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  1. You're amazing! I didn't think of recycle rain water before. 4 barrels? I'm going to stop by if the home improvement center has one.
    We're having summer like weather lately...very hot! Looking forward to see your garden progress. Have a blessed week!


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