Saturday 3 May 2014

Home-made Cards

Dear Family & Friends

I must show you some of the home made cards the two girls had been doing. In Bulgaria, it's not easy to find nice greeting cards to send to family & friends. So, we always make our own personalized's more meaningful too:)

Home made cards on the making

After all, my two girls also enjoy being creative:) Both of them share this artistic talents...well, they more or less shares the same interest whether it be language, eating, fun time etc..., although both have different characters of their own.

One of the two artists  we have  - at work

When our little girl sent a thank you card to our friend for the birthday present she received, our friend asked if the girls could make some cards that she would buy. What?! Enjoy making cards and get paid for it too?? The girls took no hesitation and immediately start working on it:)

A selection of home made cards ordered and paid for 

They came up with several homemade cards to choose from.....

Mainly watercolour painted cards....a few done with coloured pens and pencils...

Bright and colourful cards to bring good cheers

Our friend kindly bought all of the cards from them....the two girls were extremely happy and inspired. Thank you Kathy for that...they felt so blessed:)

There's always joy around us here...and we count all our blessings each day. Hope you stay and have many blessings to count too:)



  1. Wow they are quite the artists aren't they! those cards are beautiful!

  2. We're proud to display the one we got! :)

  3. I like the cards! Your girls are so talented and sweet!
    I can tell you are raising and teaching them well.

  4. fantastic, i like it too.

  5. Thank you all for your kind words....I'll definitely pass on your comments to the girls...they will surely appreciate it with a big smile:)


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