Wednesday 7 May 2014

Hibernated Tortoise

Dear Family & Friends

Remember the tortoise gift the two girls received from one of our village grandfather last autumn? Well, we did struggle with a name for it...I wanted it to be called Olga, and the girls wanted it to be called Tin-Tin. We still don't know whether it's a male or female...but because of majority vote...the tortoise is now known as Tin-Tin. Not that it matter...because the tortoise doesn't care one bit what he's called!

Our Tortoise finally came out of hibernation! Caked with mud too!

From November onwards, Tin-Tin Tortoise went to hibernate. Yes, she/he lives free in our enclosed walled garden. We never saw Tin-Tin again for almost 6 months...the two girls were starting to get anxious! About mid April....Tin-Tin came out from hiding..out of hibernation:)

After almost 6 months sleeping...he/she is so hungry!

The tortoise was caked in mud....we still don't know exactly where Tin-Tin went to bury himself during the hibernation period.

Some yummy food in the garden....

As soon as the weather felt warmer, he came out and start looking/ foraging for food. We actually don't feed our tortoise....he is good...he looks after himself.

And ate some more...

There's plenty of food in our garden....although I don't see any damaged done to my plants:)

Seeking some warm place to sleep-  the compost heap!

Our tortoise knew how to seek shelter during the cold winters months...even now, he still goes under the compost heap in the garden to sleep....because it's warm in there.

Not just rubbish...there's a tortoise in there:)

If you watch closely..Tin-Tin is there amongst all the the rubbish. Surprisingly, having this pet tortoise is actually all good fun...I'll have more stories of this silly guy for you next time.

For now, I must join the work enforcement outside. Hope you have a nice day today.



  1. Really? I totally didn't know turtle hibernate...I learned something new. I think the name is cute.

  2. I didn't know they hibernated either. What an amazing animal and unusual pet!


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