Tuesday 17 June 2014

Beads Bracelet

Dear Family & Friends

The previous year, my two girls wanted to make some jewelry to sell. They like the idea of making and selling things. As a mother, I took them to a craft shop and we got a lot of beads and other gadgets to set them going. Yes, they started making pretty earrings, necklaces - but they didn't have people to sell it to:(

All is not lost. I'm still happy that they learned some craft along the way. Most of the jewelries we gave out as presents to friends in the end:) But we still have a lot of beads left. Recently, they picked up the craft box once again and made a new design bracelet for a Japanese little girl whom they have been communicating with recently.

The needle used is homemade out of thin wire...as we didn't have any.

We didn't have the long very thin needle to use for this new project, but with ingenuity, they came out and made one using a thin wire. It worked just as good:)

This bead bracelet is now sent off to their Japanese girlfriend -Satski

Once again, I'm very proud of these two girls...they are creative, resourceful, and they usually work all on their own...

Don't you think this bracelet is very pretty? I've suggested a few little/young girlfriends who I think would like to have them...so, my girls are off to make some more.

Wishing you a lovely day:)


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  1. Very nice! You and your family members are artist. I really don't have patience to do the intricate hand work. Great job!


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