Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sun and Sunshine-Look-a-Like-Flowers

Dear Family & Friends

Summer heat is felt by all at this time. I'm back to my sleep struggle, so I feel and look very tired each day....but it's only for a season! ...not even that...just for a month! What I really want to share with you today is some of the beauty around us that comes only in summer due to intense heat!

Rudbeckia blooming in the garden

In our very own garden, I have grown this very beautiful Black Eye Susan plant for the first's so showy and attracts people and beneficial insects like bees and butterfly likewise!

sunflower field not far from home

Out in the field, sunflower covers a large area too... it's just so beautiful! and it's not far from home:)

The two girls just love cycling out there to enjoy the field of sunflower...I would too if only I'm not so silly and tolerate the summer sunshine!

But... I am being silly most of the summer my two girls are kind in bringing home photos for me to see the summer beauty outdoor.

Hope your summer is not too hot for you and do keep cool:) ..That is, if you're having summer season!!



  1. So much beauty here friend!!! Those fields by your home are breath taking! Wishing you lovely summer memories with your family! Nicole xo

  2. hello annie,
    the sunflower field is gorgeous!!
    wishing you a lovely weekend,
    hugs regina

  3. Love the sunflower field! I feel like looking at the painting of old master!


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