Saturday 2 August 2014

Thoughts In The Wee Morning

Dear Family & Friends

It's a very unusual morning for me...typing my thoughts at 1:47 in the morning! I just managed an hour or two of sleeping time... I had to wake myself fully...yes, it's a new week and a new day. Yesterday is's of the past. We had spent a strange few hours with a group of people in our house...

Beautiful sunset by the lake near our home

My husband wanted to invite some 'friends' who somehow extended some kindness to him recently...I'm always skeptical but I sometimes give in. A late afternoon BBQ was arranged for... they arrived two hours later. By that time, me and the girls have started our meal while husband waited....only to find out when they arrived that they actually don't eat BBQ meat or dairy! but glad we had fruits they could eat!! I have yet to find out about vegan BBQ menu!

Trying to capture the sun on rippling water surface

As conversation started, we realized that we actually don't or can't talk in the same level or understanding... I patiently tried my best to take in talks that I couldn't comprehend. 

As we were in the garden, talks like growing plants to suit our personal health need came up....really??! How do you do that? I asked: Well, they said: Take for example growing tomato from seed... before sowing the seed, that I should leave the seed inside my mouth for a few minutes for the tomato seed to understand my health situation, as it soaks in my saliva, it will later know how to produce fruits with exact nutrients my personal body needs!!

just a peaceful scenery to be at

That few hours with them got me so confused...for there were many strange talks before they finally said goodbye...Relief? I am relieved! but probably it's the best way to get to know people more when you invite them over...but strange occasion like this...kept me pondering all night....and I'm a survivor:)

So that's night is's a new morning... a new day...time to move on. Good morning's now 2:12 AM... Hope you will have a much better day than I did yesterday:)



  1. First off you have captured such beautiful scenes in your photos! And as for meeting new can be very tricky! I have never heard of the seed bit before....hmmmmm....that is a new one! Glad it is a new day! Here is to a wonderful weekend! Nicole

  2. Stunning photos!

    A little strange method to plant seeds...right? I just don't want to complicate things so I plant whatever I like. There are all kind of people in this world...some are know a bit odd. You don't have to agree with them but I always try my best to show some respect and compassion.


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