Tuesday 15 July 2014

Veggie Garden With Covering

Dear Family & Friends

Remember the woodchips we gathered from the pine wood forest for our garden? Well, it was a lot of work... we had at least 75 bags brought into the garden with the intention of covering pathways in the veggie garden area.

Bags of woodchips waiting to be laid on top of our veggie garden

From big bags, we transferred buckets after buckets into garden row pathways to suppress all unwanted weeds and to maintain moisture in the soil.

Bucket after buckets of woodchips were poured into the veggie garden

The pathways in between vegetable rows are now covered and it is pleasant to walk around the area as  the ground is softer to walk on, and the soil underneath it won't get packed in anymore.

Veggie garden pathways covered with wood chips

The veggie garden area is big, but we managed to get it covered with family team effort!

Cardboards were laid  before putting in the woodchips on top

Before we laid the woodchips...cardboard boxes were laid in first to suppress existing weeds. The woodchips will keep the cardboard in place and will act as filter for rain water, keeping the ground moisture. 

The veggies in row are still watered with drip irrigation when needed

I still need to do weeding amongst the growing veggies, but a lot of it is taken cared of by this covering at least. Gardening is a lot of work...but I will always admit it is great fun and there are ways to make things easier.

I hope you have great day today too:) Me?... I'm heading back to the garden...



  1. You are so lucky to find that pile of wood chips. Doesn't it make the garden look so good! Your garden is lovely! I agree gardens are hard work but the reward of fresh, healthy veggies is so worth it.

  2. It was hard laboring thing but your garden looks so nice now. You and your family did a great job! And wow! You have a big property! Sugoi!


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