Friday 4 July 2014

We Finally Got Our Own Beehive

Dear Family & Friends

We wanted to have our own beehive for some honey! It's all a daunting task but the man in our household is all for it! After making a lot of inquiry, he finally found a man who could come and help him set up a hive and provide the bees too. We thought of having two hives, but it was quite expensive and settled with just one for a start.

A few preparations were needed for the beehive - the wall of wax for their immediate use 

A lot of preparations were needed to do. Fortunately, we were given an old beehive which needed a bit fixing. From there, other preparations were also needed to aid the bees in building up their hive from inside.

The beehive at the end of our garden

We found a suitable place for the bees, at the end of our garden.  We covered the ground with cardboard and will top it up with woodchips to prevent weeds as we won't be able to do weeding around the area without disturbing the bees later on.

The prepared wax where bees will build their honeycomb were placed inside the hive

Finally, the day arrived when the bee provider came and helped us do the final set up of the hive.

First week of June, a father and son team came to help us set a beehive

The father and son team set in a family of bees inside the hive.

A family of bees were settled in the hive - their new home!

We won't be able to gather honey for this year...but we are looking to have some harvest for next year. For now, we will work to keep the bees happy in our garden. So, you can expect some stories about them from time to time too.

Hope you have a nice day today.



  1. I am so jealous. I would love to have bees but because of the potato fields around us and the spray they put on them I am afraid they would kill my bees.:-( Please let us know how they are doing from time to time.

  2. My brother-in-low has some beehives. He give us honey sometimes and the flavor is so intense...very good stuff! Oishii (delicious)! How you do all of this? Like you have more than 24 hours in a day.

  3. Wow Annie. We are living parallel lives!!


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