Monday 30 June 2014

Plums And More Plums

Dear Family & Friends

There's a great big avalanche of plums pouring in! Last weekend, we were invited to pick plums from a village grandmother's house.

Yellow and red plums

The harvesters came home with two big black bags full!

That's a big dustbin bag where plum harvest was hauled in 

So, at the start of the week, I spent most time washing, pitting and preparing them...until my finger tips get the wrinkled look!

Outdoor garden sink is very useful for washing all these fruits

My little girl baked a few plum cakes and crumbles. My big girl dehydrated some for future snacks supplies. I did a few jars of plum sauce for our meals. We also ate quiet a lot of it fresh as it is....but how much can we eat before diarrehea sets in?!!

Plums gets washed and pitted

During the week, my little girl took some plum crumbles she baked to share with the village grandmother who gave us all the plums. On her way there, she met some goats who wanted to grab her baked goods, but she managed to ran away. Upon reaching village grandma's house, a few other grandma's friends were interest on her cake too...and there's the village grandma who is grumbling that we did not come back the following day to harvest some more..and she was waiting for us?!!

Plums cakes and crumbles..going into the oven

There's just so much fruits and vegetables in our village...sometimes, I wonder if we really need to grow them ourselves? ...because as summer draws in, everyone is just pouring in their produce..."for the children"...they would say!

Our first two cucumbers for this year...also a gift. Grateful as our cucumber plant is taking it's time.

So, it is like this every year...and there are several village grandmothers and grandfathers that call upon the two girls to be recipient of their garden produce!

Another bag of cherries brought home...they were very crunchy!

The two girls are so well loved in this village...I think their permanent smiling faces do cheer up the old people in this village.

Hope you have equally fruitful summer if not.. more:)



  1. Wow! So many plums! I don't know what I'm going to do if I have that many. The story is charming and I can see that your girls are beautiful and loved.

  2. wow! so many delicious plum jam.the cherries looking good.


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