Thursday 10 July 2014

Wood Chips For The Garden

Dear Family & Friends

Not very far from where we live, we found a forest that we can access free wood chips! It's like finding gold! This is an area where pine trees in the forest get chopped! As it's just by the road side, it is very convinient for us to gather them!

We arrived to gather some woodchips for our garden.

We decided to cover our garden pathways with these free woodchips. We saw videos of Back To Eden and we got inspired in doing the same method for our garden too:) 

Plenty of wood chips!

Most of our gardening fun activity are family effort. The two girls enjoyed and were thrilled when they discovered this woodchips area. They also helped in covering our garden pathway with it. I will show you our finished work in our vegetable garden next time.

Beautiful place covered with wild flowers!

Whilst we were in the pine forest area for the woodchips, we also took the opportunity to enjoy the scenery. It felt cooler up there due to higher elevation and most area were beautifully covered with wild blue, white and yellow flowers!

An expanse of dark clouds which gave way to heavy rain and T-storm

But then, we looked up the sky and noticed that dark clouds are threathening us with rain. It's all good timing for us. We have bagged our needed woodchips, enjoyed the natural scenery, and it's now time to head back home.

Wishing you a lovely day too:)


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  1. I'm amazed! What a hard working family! And recycling wood chips for your garden is great idea and good thing.


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