Tuesday 5 August 2014

In The Garden

Dear Family & Friends

Remember the archway we setup early this year? Well, I was thinking more of growing a climbing rose unto it...but the rose is not ready for this year. Instead, I planted something fast to fill it up for temporary measure.

cheap archway made or wire...but it's coming on beautifully

An annual Morning Glory plant, a decorative mini pumpkin and even French beans were planted on this archway for this year's show:) Yes, there is a rose on one side of it but it has yet to climb up.

See the  mini pumpkins hanging on the tree?

This is the same decorative mini pumpkin that we also planted to climb onto a fruit tree trunk. It's a brilliant idea and the pumpkin is lovin it too!

our veggie garden...with beans, tomatoes, courgette, marigolds

I wouldn't have shown this vegetable garden to you...but someone helped me tidy up the tomatoes...so it looks a bit decent for you now. 

more cardboard topped with weeds were laid where onions left...to suppress weeds

The courgettes volunteers are all doing very well...the onion sets are now harvested and I placed cardboards in place plus all the weeds pulled up from the same area, and will top it up with wood chips to hold the weeds back further.

marigolds decided to grow amongst the veggies

Some rows in the vegetable garden are over taken by flowers...well, we let it be... they will attract more bees to pollinate the veggies.

Amaranthus ...they're so pretty

In the kitchen garden where I can keep a closer view, I've planted some amaranth this year for the first time...definitely a beautiful plant to have.

Flowering amaranthus next to the quince tree

I have yet to gather and try eating the amaranth seed grain...we have tried cooking the leaves...it's used just a you would a spinach. 

Super food kale plant

Another first time veggie that was grown in the kitchen garden is this Kale...I will sow some more Kale for the coming autumn season.

OK... that's about the visit in our garden for today...otherwise, I could go on forever...

Wishing you a lovely day, whatever you're busy with:)


  1. Annie! The shots of your garden are just so fantastic! Look at that kale! And oh how I love what you have growing up your arbor! I am growing morning glory as well...I think it is such a good trick to grow fast growers until the roses grow up! And look at those mini pumpkins! How awesome are those!! Happy gardening! Nicole xo

  2. Beautiful beautiful garden Annie! Lok the climbing archway and pumpkins as well :) Brilliant!!

  3. Very nice! The mini pumpkins are so cute!

  4. Your garden is just gorgeous!


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