Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Odds Little Jobs

Dear Family & Friends

We had lots of rain for the past days...but just before the rain clouds arrived, I managed to sow around 60 garlic cloves and a few varieties of green leafy veggies for the winter. I had a good timing and the seeds seems happy as they popping up to see the gardener:)

During those days of all-day-long rain, I managed to speed up the frugal quilt I'm sewing by hand. Tadah! Here it is all finished:) With that, I feel like "yes, I can do it!" and my confidence in making another quilt is soaring up!

looks like a tic, tac, toc

It's a back to back quilt, using old clothes that my children have outgrown. The design was made up as I go about it...piece by piece. It's good for a beginner like me. I had to hand sew it because it was easy for me to pick up and leave the project several times a day to attend to other home chores in between. Afterall, I'm not so good with sewing machine either:(

The other side of the same quilt

One of the girls have been restless...So, I had to give her jobs to keep her happy too. As we've been collecting seeds, we need some seed envelops. Pocket of seeds can be shared with other gardeners to bring extra joy around:)

little seed envelops

Here's the few seed envelops she made. They are tiny but it's beautifully hand drawn and painted:)

The speckled frog

This froggy design is probably one of my most favourite from this batch of seed envelops. She patiently speckled the frog's skin with multiple tiny create the rough skin of a frog!

A very special flower ..only grown on paper art

The other very detailed design was this multicoloured flower. The petals are so tiny and she gave different colours to each tiny petals.

Well, she's got a few bead craft projects that I've ordered and at the same time, it looks like she is still making more tiny seed envelops for me too. The most important thing is, she's occupied and happy.

It's amazing how 'jobs', whether it's big or small, can bring life in order:) Do you think it is because we're made to work?

Hope you have a productive and enriching day today too:)



  1. Hi Annie, that's a very nice quilt. You are very creative and very patience. Keep up the good job. The seed envelopes look very cute and practical. Nice drawing, 2 thumbs up to your girls.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Annie! Your quilt is beautiful - and hand stitched?? I am so impressed! The seed packets are so creative, too! :-)


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