Sunday 12 October 2014

Dehydrating Onions and Herbs

Dear Family & Friends

I've been delaying my appointment with the onions...but last week, I finally managed to motivate myself to peel and dehydrate some of them at least.

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As you know, chopping onions is a tearful job...but if I leave them, I'll end up loosing most them in the end..they develop molds or start sprouting!...that's even more tearful!  So this year, I've decided to preserve them by dehydrating them. Still have a lot more to do....and it will get done:)

4-5 hours of dehydrating onions...then, it's done!

Once they are dehydrated...OH! the lovely smell of onions fill the kitchen! I love that smell:)

Harvested a big bowl of Thyme. To be preserved in the freezer.

It's also time to gather and preserve some of the Thyme in the garden for future use. I just stripe off the leaves from the stem and freeze them up. This also fills the kitchen with such wonderful smell!!

After all's time to treat myself :) with yummy apple cake.

All these wonderful kitchen smell makes one feel off for a little break...some more of those apple cakes... nice:)

I'm having a good time...hope you have as much!


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  1. It must be hard work slicing onion...what do you use for after they are dry? My guess is that onion soup but I think there are many use for dried onion. I love the idea for freezing herbs, that's great idea.
    Good looking apple cake! Yummy!


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