Thursday 16 October 2014

Racing With Time

Dear Family & Friends

Have you ever notice how time goes by so quick? Sometimes it feels like there's never enough time. We are racing with time. So many little things yet to do before cold weather sets in.

Spraying the house, from gray to yellowish... it's getting there!

The house painting has been going slow...but it is almost there! My diligent and very meticulous husband have been working hard on it... rain or shine!

Training the climbing red rose to form a canopy.

We have intention to train this robust climbing rose to form a canopy over the entrance walkway...but we need that additional time to fit it in!

My quick way in putting up a lavender hedge on the existing grass lawn area

I'm claiming part of the lawn to plant a long stretch of lavender hedge...I used a short cut technique! I covered the grass area with cardboards, clearing only a small area where I need to plant my lavender plants! I'm hoping by spring time, the cardboard would have cleared the grass up, and the lavender will be more established and bigger in size. 

we placed a box and hay to make it all cozy for the tortoise in the barn..he's in there snoozing!

While we are racing with time with all the odd jobs we need to do this autumn, our free roaming tortoise seems to have a better idea! It looks like he is going into hibernation... already?! Oh! it will be another 6 months before we''ll see him roaming the garden again.

As for us, back to our little jobs...but before that, I think we will have a little cup of tea for motivation;P

Have a happy weekend :)


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  1. It was fun to read your blog. I love the new house color. I didn't know that tortoise really? Ha ha ha.


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