Sunday 14 December 2014

Bringing Cheers to Family & Friends

Dear Family & Friends

With the coming holiday season, everyone starts getting frantic and busy to comply with the holiday fact, I believe it's getting more and more commercialized than ever! It's all becoming very stressful season...and our family shy away from the many unnecessary practices, specially the shopping bit!

My little girl wrote a very detailed and long letter to her Japanese took her  whole day!

Remembering friends and loved ones...and bringing cheers to them have to be all year round if possible...and it shouldn't be an obligation but a true personal heart's desire, not dictated by time or what the masses are doing.

The back portion of the letter is just as beautiful as the front:)

Although we try our best to stay away from shops this season, yet we have been caught busy with a lot of letters to write and send (old fashion practice!!), and making little homemade gifts for the last month. We have quiet down by now.

one of the many colourful flower design bead bring and brighten a friend's day:)

There were a lot of birthdays to remember, families who needs a little more cheering ups at this particular time etc...My two wonderful girls got into action with a few homemade gift projects and lots of notes and letters to write:) 

Panda earrings...designed by the big girl:) Light and easy to post with an enclosed letter/mail 

I did too. I've finished a few home projects and have started another, and it's all good fun because there's is nothing much I could do outside the garden, what with all the rain we keep on getting! Next time, I will share some of my projects and tiny gifts made like the lavender sachets which can be posted easily with a mailing envelop. For the moment, all these photos above were works of the girls:)

Here's wishing you true joy...and do maintain a life above stress level:)



  1. I love what your girls have created here friend and what an important message in your post to us all! Wishing you a blessed and merry week!! Nicole xoxo

  2. I love reading about your daughters. I can't quite make out in photos but it looks like...your daughter writing in Japanese? Awesome! And the bracelet and earrings are gorgeous!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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