Saturday, 20 December 2014

Festive Food For The Season

Dear Family & Friends

This week, a thoughtful friend of ours sent us some festive food! Yes, assortment of baked goods! She have worked hard indeed! This reminded me that Christmas day is actually not too far from now! How time goes by so quickly!!

Meringue that took her 3 hours to bake! and at least 5 other cookie samples too!! Thank you Kathy! 

We haven't really thought much about the festive season coming. I've never introduced the concept of Father Christmas to our two girls (didn't see the benefit of fact, they're so frightened of them when they were young). and so with decorating the home for the season. We do, however, see this time as an opportunity for family gathering and taking time to cheer family and friends in our own little way. Crafting comes fun for this. 

In the kitchen, my little girl (our family baker) all ready to constantly keep us in supply with her baking....aside from that, uh...Mmmmm... I can't say much is happening around here. We will see to it that our family will take a special lunch outing, and will drag along our friends to enjoy a day with us during this holiday.

Whether it is done grand or in a simple way, there's the opportunity to enjoy this time with the family.

Here's wishing you that your Christmas will be filled with hope.



  1. How nice of your friend to make delicious looking cookies! I'm looking forward to see your daughter's creation.

  2. Hi Annie, Merry Christmas to you and family. May you be bless with lots of love, joy and happiness.

    The cakes look wonderful and delicious.
    Warmest regards


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