Saturday 17 January 2015

Stitching Yo Yo

Dear Family & Friends

To keep busy over this cold season, I've started another thrifty project. Been tidying up old clothes and cutting them into rounds.

With needle and thread...just stitch a running stitch around it and viola! you've got one 'yo-yo'. That's what they call it...but it looks more like a flower to me. 

I've done quite a few by fact my 5 litre icecream container where I store every yo-yo sewn, whenever I get the free time is fast filling up.

From time to time, I stitch everyone of them together, in different random colours and's looking good...perhaps I'll end up with a large table runner before spring time arrives.

What home project keeps you busy during the days when you can't do outside jobs?

Hope you are keeping inspired with everyday living:)



  1. This is beautiful!!!!!! Do you see two together and pull to get that gathered affect??? I would love to try to make these!!!!! Any help you can give would be wonderful!!!! You have inspired me!!! Happy day friend!!! Nicole xo

    1. Nicole, this would be a nice easy little project...I think your little beans could even try making them:) I'm not very good in explaining things but found a tutorial site for you. Enjoy!

  2. hello annie,
    this is grandios!!!!!!!! i have a jo-jo maker ,from time to time i make a few, i will make a cushion with my yo-yos. thanks for the inspiration!!!!
    have a nice weekend,

    1. Regina, I didn't realize that there is such thing as jo-jo maker! How interesting! Your jo-jos must be all very uniformly sized and beautiful:) I would like to see your cushion when it's finished.

  3. Very pretty and cute! Ah...where do you find the time to this? You're amazing, you know that?


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