Friday 23 January 2015

Gardening in the Winter

Dear Family & Friends

There's not much you can do in the garden during winter time. Probably it's gardener's rest time, but I just have to do some growing even in the middle of winter! Even when our temperature can come down to as much as minus 20.

Five Rosemary cuttings propagation in a soda bottle cloche:)

In December, I did a few cuttings from our Rosemary plant in the garden. I filled soda bottles with compost and planted my cuttings in. My simple way of propagating this herb. I'm hoping to get more plants to use as garden hedging in Spring time. For the moment this bottle cloche sits by the kitchen window.

My first propagated scented geranium is doing well by the window sill.

Sometime ago, a lady in our village passed this plant stem with a few leaves. I did not know what plant that was, but the leaves are very aromatic. I was told to use them in my fruit compote making. Unfortunately, most of the fruits were eaten fresh by the two girls. So, I decided to place this plant stem in the water and determined to search it's identity on internet. It's scented geranium!! The stem took roots in the water, and I planted them in a yogurt pot afterwards. It's doing well by the kitchen window. I will plant them outside when weather warms up and would want to have more of this charming plant later on.

My DIY mini green house for seeds and seedlings.

We often have bright sunshine during winter. More soda bottle cloches were made, I filled them up with home made compost, and lined them by the window ledge to sunbathe. My intention is to warm up the soil and use them to sow some vegetable seeds. We have no greenhouse, so this is my DIY mini green house to get some head start for this year.

Gardening is fun:) Let's make garden.



  1. I love this form of gardening!!! How absolutely fantastic that you are seeing such wonderful results!!! I can't wait to see what else you grow friend! Happy gardening! Nicole xo

  2. Everytime I read your garden posts , I often wish we had a garden here :p Love your DIY greenhouse , maybe someday , you can make your own proper greenhouse ! Atta girl ;D

  3. I've been doing this kind of stuff for quite a while now, and not a lot of people know how many things you can grow indoors. Bottles are an excellent way of housing seeds, so this was a really good idea to pass onto people. I wish I had more windows because that's the only thing stopping me from growing more. Thank you for posting.

    Refugia Stein @ Container Domes


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