Monday 23 March 2015

Sowing Lavender Seeds Experiment

Dear Family & Friends

We love growing lavender in our garden because it's a plant that remains visible in the garden all year long. It also loves the climate here, doesn't need much care or watering, and it produces lovely fragrant flowers that is attractive to bees and butterflies. To top it all, we also get a lot of dried lavender flowers for potpurri and the plant can also be used as herbs. Now that's a winner plant to grow in our opinion:)

Intoxicating smell and beauty of a lavender plant attracts lots of pollinating bees!

I've learned to propagate lavender by taking plant cuttings in Spring, using the clippings when I prune the bush, and place them in a glass of water to root. That's easy thing to do. Once rooted, you can plant it in a pot or directly into your garden.

I have tried sowing the seeds and was not successful. Recently, I've learned a secret of lavender seed sowing method and I'm trying that this year! ...and I'm passing on this secret with you too:)

Rooted Lavender cutting in a jar filled with water..ready for transplanting:)

'Seeds will sprout easily once its seed coat is cracked. To crack the seed coat, wrap the packet of seeds in a newspaper and place it in an airtight jar. Then place the jar inside the freezer and forget about it for two weeks. The newspaper will allow the cold to penetrate the seed slowly. Too fast and they will be damaged. Once stratified, the seeds will sprout in only 3 days after sowing. But they need to be sown immediately after removal from the freezer.'

So, are you joining me in trying this method out? I followed all of the above instruction, with great anticipation...sad to say...this was all a disappointing, it's back to rooting in water propagation for us.

I'm still determined to enjoy the ups and downs of gardening:) You do the same!



  1. I brought some lavender seed last year and haven't tried it yet so maybe I should. I'll try your method and let you know how I get on. Thanks!

  2. I love to try your method. I adore lavender! Thank you for the information!


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