Tuesday 17 March 2015

My Little Garden Friend

Dear Family & Friends

I do..I do have friends...I do have garden friends too! Let me show you:) See this little friend of mine...he probably wouldn't like me showing this photo to you ...of his back side!

Oppps,,,,the back side photo of my little garden friend

But here's another...this time a more candid one. Isn't he cute? One day he popped into this box labeled "citrus"...to check how I managed to grow citrus in our garden... Of course I can't and couldn't grow citrus in Bulgaria....much to his disappointment.

 a more candid photo of my little garden friend
But I was clever enough to be able to smuggle this box out of the supermarket to contain our potato harvest...and it turned out to be a nice little spot for this photo shoot too:)

our two Swiss Appenzella chickens

Another of my most gorgeous garden friends are these two Swiss Appenzella chickens: Terra and Lindt. They are a bit timid...most specially Terra, the girlfriend hen.

Light sprinkling of snow, covering some of the early and eager spring flowering bulbs

OK, back to the garden scene where my friends live. This year we didn't have much snow...every year we seem to say we have strange weather pattern... it's still cold out there to start proper gardening.

Dreaming on the past gardening scene...it won't be long now...I keep telling myself!

It won't be long now...season come and go...some of my garden friends are still hiding from the cold...some of them don't mind the cold as we do get sunny days during cold season too. In fact, some of the tiny birds nesting under our garden roof tile are chirping away so loud that I think it's already spring. I'll go out and check...perhaps it's just another sunny day excitement! Hope you have a nice and beautiful day too:)



  1. Ha ha ha, you're cute! We're having volatile weather lately. The other day was in low 70's then the temperature drop to 48 F the next day. I don't know what to wear when I go outside...I'm saying, we're not ready for garden.

  2. That is the cutest photo of your little garden friend!! Made me smile!! SO much goodness friend! I can't wait to see your garden!!! Nicole xoxo


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