Friday 26 June 2015

As the garden progresses...

Dear Family & Friends

As the garden progresses, more flowers are popping up here and there...butterflies are beginning to show their presence too:)

The butterflies are arriving in our garden

Lavender grows very well here...we've propagated and planted them here and there from these two parent plants. They don't require much care nor water and they make the bees very happy too:)

The lavender bush is growing bigger each year

Vegetables are flowering at their best too. These carrots have bolted and I let them go into full bloom and would collect their seeds afterwards for the next sowing. They too attract a lot of beneficial insects.

The old carrot plant bolted with a beautiful white flower heads

The pot marigold or calendula is another flower that I allow to grow anywhere they come it in the vegetable beds or elsewhere. They can help build up good soil besides looking very pretty. Oh yes, we can use the flower to make a skin salve.

Calendula planted itself next to the tomato

Other flowers are just starting their bloom. As summer goes on hotter, these black eye susan can match the heat with their intense sunflower like beauty.

Drought resistant  black eye susan in buds

As for the brassicas... they are very resilient...overwintered and still carrying on growing!

I'm not sure what brassica plant this is...but it's growing so big!

There's a mix match of veggies grow in our vegetable garden... besides looking good with each other, they can be good companion plants and will benefit from being side by side.

potatoes, chards and chives all grow happily together in this veggie bed

As the garden progress on...there's just so many things to do...weeding, watering and harvesting...  ehem.... sometimes weeding can be ignored... after all, I only own two hands, and there's only constant hours in a day.

Weeds...some of them even reaches the stage of seeding....:(

There's more to gardening than is also important that you take things easy and learn to enjoy. If you're gardening today...wishing you a happy gardening time:)


  1. Annie it looks so beautiful!!!! Your mass planting of lavender up there is gorgeous! And your veggies all look so fantastic as well! Enjoy your blooming garden and thank you for passing along the inspiration!!! Happy weekend to you! Nicole xo

  2. Your garden is really awesome! We are getting too lazy...actually too busy to really devote the time to our garden.
    I bet the lavender plants smell very nice!


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