Friday 3 July 2015

Arrival of another birds in our garden

Dear Family & Friends

As you can see, our three Quacks have now grown so much since we had them in early spring. They look so happy and always hungry!

swimming and eating at the same time

Along with the ducks live the chickens and the tortoise too. Yes, this tortoise is not bothered being with the birds....he sleeps in their pen and occassionally get stepped on by the chickens too.

Can you see the tortoise along with the ducks and chicken?

This week, we got three quails to add the merriment:)

One of the three new quails

The new arrivals seemed to have settled quickly and are such calm birds.

quiet quail

The two girls have more chores added to their list ... these birds are constantly hungry and thristy...but the girls don't mind...the birds loves our two girls, that you can almost see them smiling every time the girls approaches their pen with scrap of food:)

Have and enjoy a wonderful day:)



  1. Woah , those ducks pretty big now ! When do they start to lay eggs ? I'm dreaming of omelette or roasted duck lol

  2. You have a nice collection of birds in your garden for bug patrol, and enjoy healthy fresh eggs everyday.

  3. How fun! You must have lots of patience to take care of those birds.


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