Friday 28 August 2015

Double abundance of tomato harvest

Dear Family  & Friends

After the great summer heat...tomatoes are just popping up everywhere in our garden. There's buckets upon buckets that we have harvested. We've eaten a lot of it as snacks and also took the advantage of preserving them. The freezer is filling up so fast...Guaranteed no famine around here!

Harvested tomatoes in buckets

Most of the cherry tomato plants are volunteers. In our village, everyone grows tomatoes but they prefer the big tomato types. Once I invited a local friend to help herself with the cherry tomatoes in our garden and she asked me if they will still grow any bigger?!...she never had cherry tomatoes ever!

Harvested tomatoes in any container I have in the kitchen!

Tomatoes are the easiest plant to grow...they do very well with the proper summer heat which they love...We are seasonal this time of the year, it's so lovely to have pasta dish with a generous amount of very rich tomato sauce, with lots of fresh herbs...yes, lots of them because that's always 'guaranteed goodness'.

There are times I do get tired of harvesting, washing and processing garden goods, but I must and should always be grateful for it. I am grateful that I have this opportunity and my family shares the joy with great contentment. 

Here's hoping that you have the abundance in life to enjoy ... I wish you all good things in life too:)



  1. Wow Annies love those tomatoes. Good that you can preseve them so you have many stocks for the coming winter.
    At the moment we have so much duck eggs that each weekend my husband will make salted duck eggs so they store longer.

  2. I'm so glad that you are back and it seems hard to keep going but we have to for our families. You will always have the memories and they are precious. For me it is getting easier after the loss of my brother last year but there will always be an empty spot in my heart. Loving those girls of yours and husband is the best medicine.

  3. Good looking tomatoes! Our back yard tomatoes are not doing well but luckily, my friend shared her flavorful! So happy to have fresh produce.


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