Sunday 23 August 2015

The recycled box of produce

Dear Family & Friends

At this time of the year, there's just a lot of harvest from the garden. Everyday I go out to the garden and smell neighbours grilling sweet pepper to preserve them in bottles. The potato harvest is over by now too. Tomatoes and cucumbers are giving a lot in this summer heat.

The recycled box of produce

This recycled box have been going back and forth over the wall between us and our neighbour! It's often filled with various harvest: potatoes, big tomatoes, cucumbers and fruits from our neighbour. The truth is: we grow them in our garden too, but they insist that we have to have the share of their harvest as well!! In return, we share our cherry tomatoes (because they don't grow this type of small tomatoes) and freshly baked home made bread which they love. I'd like to share some of our Asian greens/produce, but the locals are very limited in their diet and they don't appreciate those things.

People here are very giving...they might not have a lot of modern convinience and material wealth...but everything is shared from their hearts. This never fail to touch the very core of my heart and I value it a lot:)

I wish you abundance in life and most of all the real joy of everyday simple living. Have a great day:)



  1. Wow! Gorgeous looking plums(?)! So nice of your neighbors, and I''m sure they are thinking the same about your family!

  2. Its so much different living in the city and village especially community bonding.
    wow Annie I don't have talent in baking never tried baking bread yet. Hopefully someday we can try home bake bread.


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