Monday 7 September 2015

Here comes Rhubard

Dear Family & Friends

There's never a day when there's nothing to do in our little homestead. It's more than a full time job...only I don't get any salary...but, money is not the measurement. Besides getting 'real food' for my family, I also don't have the need of money to buy them from the shop. My goods are tax free and chemical free as well.

A pile of rhubarb harvest

One rainy day, the decision of tackling the rhubarb patch came. We only finished harvesting half of what was growing before the rain caught us up. Unlike buying food from the shop, I have to clean, wash and process the all took a lot of time. But as I toil, I feel so blessed with the great abundance.

rhubarb sticks pile and rhubarb leaves pile for compost

The big harvest pile was tackled into two piles: food pile and compost pile (rhubarb leaves are poisonous but it's good composting material). Washing all the stems outside in our garden sink area is a great plus before bringing them onto the kitchen table to get it all chopped up, pack for freezing and some for cooking. I ended up with about 40 litres of rhubarb to freeze, and another 5 litres cooked for juice drink!

We are just half way through the harvest...the rest for another day. Afterall, I feel shattered...having woke up at 2:30 am to do my study of the German language. Why do I do crazy things?!

So, this ends my 'all in a day's work' story...and here's wishing you a productive, rich and abundant days ahead of you too.



  1. Dear Annie.

    We did not have the chance to grow Rhubarb when we were living in Adelaide.
    Never taste it before either.
    Comes fall will be very busy time to harvest most of the produce in the garden and preserving them for coming winter and spring for you I reckoned.

    I totally agree being a full time home-maker is more busy hectic than a full time job!!!
    But very glad that we're able to forage food from the backyard.
    Furthermore, this year we been growing our own supply of eggs and chicken meat.
    Its really a luxury all organically grown plants and poultry.
    We also now supply organic chicken and eggs when we have extras for our portion, so we can also use the sales we have to buy chicken/duck food or any garden tools from that.

    Wow you have the energy to wake up and study German?
    At the end of the day, I can't even coax myself to try writing up my thesis.

    1. Hi Diane, so happy to follow and see what you are doing in your homestead too:) I do envy you a lot with all the tropical food you grow, and great that you have surplus to sell and share real organic food to the people in your area:) Don't know if Rhubard would grow in your country?? They are so easy to propagate by root cutting.It's an acquired taste...very we have to cook them with plenty sugar!!

  2. We don't have rhubarb glowing in our back yard but some of friends told me that it's their favorite veggie. we will try planting next season.


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