Saturday 12 September 2015

Cooking time

Dear family & Friends

Summer's oppressive heat is easing a bit and it's becoming more enjoyable to be cooking in the kitchen. Although I love reading recipe for inspiration, yet in the end. I never follow them to the dot because I always don't have the exact ingredients available in my kitchen. We're more of a seasonal eaters, happy to be eating whatever the season freshly offers.

In the pot...assorted root veggie stew - sort of!

With all the garden harvest...I just enjoy doing stew of various roots vegetables like potatoes, beetroot, carrots, plus sweet pepper and tomatoes etc... no one complains and they always clean up their plates and have extra serving. That's why I think I'm doing well in the kitchen:)

Homemade chicken patties..photoshot is not good but they taste good!

Everything is made from scratch in this household...everything is homemade! It takes time and not so convenient, but I'm in control of all the ingredients that we eat. I only want to give the best to my little family, and they are well appreciated.

That's part of our week...full of simple and humble food...I often wonder what it will be if I'm 'that' perfect restaurant quality chef...?! My family unit might consider that a jackpot! Grateful that they are ever so content! I hope it is the same with yours. Have a blessed week as always.



  1. The chicken patties look delicious, and the veggie stew so colorful and healthy.

  2. You're amazing! Humble and Zen like attitude.


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