Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Remedy for Bitter taste in cucumber

Dear Family & Friends

Have you ever sliced cucumber for salad only to realize that some slices taste bitter?

cucumber slices

We have had a very weird weather pattern this year. The mid-July which is the hottest month of the year for us was filled with lots of thunder storms, along with torrential rains, bringing odd cool days and cold summer evenings, causing stress to cucumber plants...and this results to some bitter fruits.

cucumber and tomatoes are good food partners

To help take the bitterness away, a good remedy is to slice the end of the cucumber and rub it onto itself till it foams. Do this with both ends.

rubbing cucumber ends to take the bitterness off

This is what the foamy bitter substance looks like. Just rinse and wash this away...and proceed with slicing them for salad. A trick I have learned this year:)

bitter foams off the cucumber

We're into Autumn...our tomatoes and cucumbers are winding down with their ever so fruitful ways. I'm somehow relief, because we have had too much by now. Every meal seems to have tomatoes thrown in! Meanwhile, ducks and chooks gets chopped cukes thrown into their pen too:) !! 

I'm starting to sow cool vegetable plants for autumn and winter harvest. Gardening can be an all year round activity. Joy:) So.... I end this post with good wishes for you and do enjoy the joys of everyday living too.


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  1. Is it really works? Thanks for the tip. Wow! your cucumbers are very big!


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