Thursday 17 September 2015

What I'm lovin at the moment

Dear Family & Friends

What are you lovin at the moment.? It doesn't have to be big valuable things... simple things in life all makes a difference too. Lovin the fig that reminded us of the little joys we get on daily basis.

fig with love

Early spring, I have grown Kang Kong in pots...I know it's no big deal for those who live in the brother himself can't understand all the fuss I give to grow this plant over here...but I do struggle because it's not lovin our climate...but I insist... because I miss home and I want some tropical food.

my kang kong harvest

So, here goes...I have to record this, my harvest of kang kong this morning...the biggest of my harvest by far...and I am going to stir fry it with garlic and eat it with rice.....yum, nothing is better in life!

While spring time brings promises at the beginning of the year after the harsh cold winter, our present autumn season brings relief after a harsh hot summer. Just lovin' the cool crispy air and constant sunshine of Autumn too:) I hope you are finding all the little joys to enjoy and count as your blessings too:)


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  1. How did you do that with fig? So lovely! I don't know what kang kong is but congratulations! I'm very curious about taste and I will google this plant.


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