Thursday 15 October 2015

Figs and more figs

Dear Family & Friends

This is our third year since we planted our first fig tree...and this is the first year that we experienced the abundance of fig harvest. We harvested big figs in late spring time....and by late summer, we are getting another bigger harvest! the second cropping!

ripen fig fruit

I'm definitely not complaining...the harvest don't come in one big GO...Miss J or Miss L would go to the fig trees every morning to find half a dozen of ripen fruits to bring to the kitchen. We all get a fig each, at least each day...nice sweet treat!

fruitful fig trees

There's still a lot to ripen up but we must be patient...they like to supply us on a steady pace.

sweet treat

We have about 10 fig trees planted and I've rooted 6 more to plant in my 'orchard planning' I getting a bit carried away? Only two trees are bearing fruits this far, but I think by next year, many of the others will start fruiting too...I'm brazing and preparing myself ^o^ ! I'm not claiming I'm good in growing things but figs are never fuzzy tree to grow in the garden!

Wishing you  a nice day:)


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