Saturday, 10 October 2015

10 kilos of honey!

Dear Family & Friends

Excuse my excitement, but's another post on our homestead honey harvest! I still can't get over the fact that we got our very own honey from our garden bees without doing much work! Bees are the most amazing creatures that God created for us! Nothing is more wonderful than to have a free and pure honey...That's our greatest treat!

A bottle filled with pure sweet honey...with some hint of herb from our garden

We had our honey comb harvest extracted at our neighbour's home because we don't have an extractor equipment. Although it is possible to do without but it would take a while to drain all the honey out...anyway, they offered us to make use of their gadgets, and showed us how to:) 

Filling up bottles upon bottles of honey on our kitchen table 

We only have one beehive...and only harvested about 1/3 of the honey that is in there...the rest of the honey are left for the bees to enjoy ...after all, it's theirs and they really worked hard to produce litres and litres of honey. We are grateful that there are more than enough for them and for us too:) 

we bottled about 10 kilos of honey!

Honey is a very good food. We don't often buy them because they are a bit expensive... and a bottle of honey never last long on our table! So I am so excited with the extra bounty we received, it should keep us happy for a year before we go get another harvest:) Because we have lots of herbs growing like weeds in every corners of our garden...we noticed our honey got the herb flavours in it too...that's double benefit for us:)

If you ask me, it's all worth keeping honey bees in the garden.There's no big work involved. The bees are also my garden friends...I love them buzzing around me as I work in the is never true that they are out there to sting you for nothing. On the contrary, they are there to give you healthy food...their own honey, and maintain a very fruitful and beautiful garden for you too! Miss J got honey smirked on her face and the bees came to clean it all out for feels just very ticklish till they finished their cleaning job! Isn't that amazing!


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  1. Annie, Honey looks amazing!!! What a heart warming post!


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