Friday, 2 October 2015

Our first honey harvest

Dear Family & Friends

Who would ever think we would one day harvest our very own home cultured honey? We wanted to produce our own honey years ago...but we were a bit daunted by the idea...due to our ignorance! Besides, there's also the fact that it would cost us for the initial investment.

Our first harvest of honey still in frames...waiting to be extracted

Then, one day we approached an elderly village grandmother who had an old beehive structure that needed some repair. She gladly gave them to us. We fixed it, and that's the start!

These are free honey from our garden courtesy of our garden friends...the bees!

Next, we approached a village beekeeper and asked him if he would be happy to teach and guide us through beekeeping. He was kind enough to come to our house to check what else we would need to start with...we also bought a bee family from him, He came to our house every other week for a couple of months to followed up with the bee progress and settlement...till he was happy to leave everything under our care.

eight frames of honey filled combs taken from our beehive

With all these kind people around us, we gathered confidence with what we are doing... Time has arrived, when we added another tier to the beehive so we can profit some honey for ourselves.

a trial piece of honey comb to taste

Today, another village grandfather came to teach us how to harvest our first honey! He even lends us the use of his honey extractor. We are indeed so blessed with kind people around us:)

honeycomb oozing with the sweetest honey

You should see the joy radiating through my little family's face as they sample the first little piece of our very own honeycomb filled with honey. Life is sweet:)

Wish you could share our joy in experiencing a simple sweet life in our village home. It only takes little to bring big joy.


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  1. Annie, Congratulations on successful honey harvest! This post is full of charm! I enjoy reading it.


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