Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Food is to be enjoyed

Dear Family & Friends

I'm not one of those that enjoy using the oven specially in the summer... but as weather cooled up, it was nice to say hello to our little oven once again.

chicken and cherry tomato quiche

Having watch series of The Great British Bake Off... I decided that it's time to bake a pie. If Mary Berry and Paul were to judge my work, I think I will definitely fail because my pie crust is not pre-baked...and so ended up with a soggy bottom. But no one is fuzzy in our household...every pie is always delicious!

cake with rhubard crumble toppings

Miss L also took advantage and baked us a rhubarb crumble topping cake...no recipe, she just made it up with her imagination...it was good...all eaten up during that day!

homemade potato chips/fries 

With the potato harvest waiting for me, stored here and there...I turned a few of them into homemade chips/fries. Baked with lots of herbs and spices...everyone was so quiet, busy enjoying the spuds...yes, I must do this often as they polished off every bits in no time, and wanting more!

It's always a joy to cook and bake for the family...food unites family...home cooked food - even better:) Besides food, our family unit are all having a great time with our German language study. Miss J is polishing her skill to excellence, Miss L is encouraged to keep on, I'm hoping to get there as quick as possible, and Mr. R is doing his best too. That's us for the moment...and...

Here's wishing you a great time with your family, always sharing love and the joy of eating too:)


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  1. Food unites family...loved that! Everything look so great! You and your family are great people!


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