Monday 16 November 2015

Autumn Weekends

Dear Family & Friends

My big girl is proud of the achievement and perseverance of her mother! She took this photo to share the joy of the day when I reached and finished my online German language programme, yes! despite the aging brain:)  I don't think I've acquired the fluency I'm aiming I still continue on strengthening and practicing my lessons every day.

no aging brain is too old for this:)

We appreciate our sunny and cool autumn days. Every weekend, we just have to take our bikes for free leisures. As we don't have bike racks on our car, we have to dismantle our bikes to fit a couple inside the five seater car, and off we drive to our favourite cycling place 25 minutes away from home. It's a vast 8 kilometers cycling circuit around the man made lake which was built for olympic rowing canal competition. We start by fueling our bodies with fresh baguette filled with Russian salad as sandwich filler, plus a cup of steaming home brewed tea by the park bench before the cycling frenzy starts. Yes, just one pleasure of a simple life that brings a lot of joy to this easy to please family unit.

The Man made Rowing Canal area with cycling lane of  around 8 kilometers long alongside it

After our short family outing, we arrived back home and was greeted with a villager riding his cart the chariot way. We quickly took a came out we'll print a copy of this to give to him....I'm sure he will be so pleased. People in our village are happy and we are so blessed to have them around us. We had a good day:) 

the chariot

After our usual weekdays of hardwork, weekends are family treat. It doesn't have to cost much to give us pleasure and joys of life. Hope you had a great weekend and weekdays to come too:)



  1. Hi Annie, beautiful autumn scenery. Glad that you and family had fun cycling. The chariot pic is excellent. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice weekend,regards.

    1. Thank you Amelia. I like that chariot picture's a happy you can see, one does not need a mercedes benz to get the joy;) Enjoy your day too:)

  2. Congratulations on finishing the German language program. You're amazing! My French study is on hold since I was very busy but I try to resume after the holiday. Beautiful photos!

    1. Press on with your French my friend:) French is the most elegant language I think...I'm doing it too but have kept putting it off and on again...check have a free online program and theirs is a bit easy to deal, it is just a matter of finding 'that' five minutes to do it each day:) Enjoy your day!


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