Saturday 30 April 2016

What a blessing!

Dear Family & Friends

All hidden bulbs in the ground have slowly presented themselves. I planted grape hyacinths a few years back and they have multiplied themselves since then. I love the blue flowers, although the leaves looks a bit messy...nonetheless, I still like them the way they are. I have been propagating it, simply by dividing and planting them in every corners of the garden.

Aren't these blue grape hyacinth beautiful?

All these gardening chores sometimes makes me forget about the time...the lunch time. But I am glad that if I prepare the meal before I venture to the garden...and assign my little girl to keep an eye on the cooking...she would even dish it out to make it presentable for all to enjoy.

Giving and sharing her love with this meal presentation

And yes, they have to remember to call me back into the house for the family lunch together... perhaps, I should carry some sort of a timer with me...From time to time, giving responsibility to your children, you also give them the sense of achievement, and working as part of the family unites us and brings us even more closer.

our simple family lunch presented with much love

Today, I just have to scrape and wash the dirt off my fingernails from gardening and I am ready to enjoy a beautifully presented lunch meal. I am blessed. I wish you all the blessings too:)



  1. Hi Annie, your daughter is so creative, the lunch presentation is very impressive. Girl, keep up the good job.
    The blue hyacinth is so sweet and cute. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice weekend,regards.

  2. How sweet.
    Very nice.
    I really enjoyed her paintings on the seed packet.


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