Monday 25 April 2016

Beautiful and Carefree

Dear Family & Friends

My two teenagers have been out and about in the village with their camera, having fun with their artistic talents. It's wonderful to see some of their photos as they see beauty in everything that surrounds them. Here's some to share with you.

Mobile shed in a plot of land

Flowering weeds adorning the field

Dan-de-lion flower. Did you know it's a french term for 'tooth-of-lion'...base on it's leaf shape

A common dead nettle weed that's abundant food for bees during the start of spring 

you know what this photo means... time to head's rain clouds.

Wishing you a good day...hope you take time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds the place where you are too:)



  1. Your teenagers did a perfect job, their photos are magnificent!

  2. The girls really enjoyed their free time with nature.


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