Friday, 27 May 2016

More Tomatoes to Come This Year

Dear Family & Friends

Now's the time to start growing tomatoes. Every year we grow plenty's a plant that does very well in this country. I am starting to think that you can never kill a tomato plant. Few years back, I meticulously and purposely sow lots of tomatoes indoor with care as early as January (mid winter). ..but hah! confidence is getting better of me...or is it laziness?? I don't do those things anymore...I now sow them as late as end of March outdoor, as 'few' as I could, because there's always volunteers growing somewhere in the garden later on.
Some of last year's last tomato fruits harvest, lining up to get ripened a bit more

This year, I thought I got very self controlled because I only sow a couple of seeds per tomato variety that we like...I counted a total of about 25 plants. BUT....a neighbour insisted that we have their spare tomatoes plants because they are specially handpicked and this variety bears fruit all the way to late I gladly received it! When our village people comes in volume! I received more than I sowed!!  Not ungrateful...but I can see that we will have a big glut of tomatoes harvest again this year...just as we have every year!! Hmmm.... I think I should start a new career as tomato vendor!

our organic tomato comes in odd shapes and sizes
Hope you have a beautiful day...ideally a wonderful gardening day too!



  1. Hi Annie, I envy your bountiful harvest of tomatoes. I think I am going to sow some too. Ha ha...the organic tomato has a funny face, so cute!

  2. I love growing them, ~I'm trying a big experiment this year with some outside. I've got about 10 varieties in this year and I need to do so serious seed saving so I don't need to buy these seeds again. Most have come from seed swaps - Black russian should be good again this year.


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