Sunday 22 May 2016

The life of our Tortoise

Dear Family & Friends

Having a tortoise living freely in our garden makes our gardening world more interesting. He is a pet but he just takes care of himself. He finds and builds his own home, and he shop and feeds himself too. He likes the chicken and human company from time to time. When I'm gardening, he see to it that he stays close to where I'm working.

Hind legs out stretched - tortoise on his relaxing mood - sunbathing
Our tortoise is very quiet, we only hear him when he walks around the garden as he shuffles amongst the plants and sometimes insist on going over the tiles we placed around my veggie garden bed. He walks very fast and always seems in a hurry. Times when our paths cross over...he is usually the first to stop on his tract to avoid collision...specially when we are not aware that he is there.

Favourite food - only very red strawberry will do

He loves warm weather...and he has his daily routine of sprawling out his hind legs for a morning sunbathing session. During the cold season, we don't see him...he goes to sleep..but when it's warm...he does non-stop roaming the entire garden, and foraging food all day long. He only likes to eat what he likes to eat...mostly, it's also what we human likes to eat. His favourite green is Pak Choi and very red juicy strawberries for dessert.

This one very precious red strawberry managed to land on a plate

We hardly get pak choi harvest because he gets them while it's still very I carry on sowing! As for the strawberries, we enclosed a patch where he couldn't get over...but other strawberry beds are left in the open and that's where the competition between humans and the tortoise over the sweetest fruit takes place.

We all have to work in life for our food..but it's also good to be able to share with each other too:) Hope you have a good fun day too!



  1. Hi Annie, your tortoise is so very blessed to have a good garden as his home with plenty to eat and also all his favourite food too.

  2. Hi Annie, cute tortoise and very clever too to choose what he want to eat too. He is blessed. Nice strawberry.

    Warmest regards,


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