Tuesday 17 May 2016

Our Herbal Garden - Cottage Garden in May

Dear Family & Friends

It had been a tough week. The fire disaster in Fort McMurray in Alberta was a sad shocking news for me, as my brother's house was one of those that was burned down completely:(  but at least no one is injured. In our home, 2 out of 4 got food poisoning after enjoying a plate of yummy roast mutton and risotto rice from our neighbour. We were knocked out flat for two full days...at least. The two girls were spared because they are always skeptical about eating meat!

chamomille blooms 

So, it was time to indulge on more herbal tea to aid the mind and body. Chamomille is growing all over the garden. They are very good herbal tea to calm you down of stress...just a soothing thing for the mind and body.  It's also time to collect chamomille to dry them for future use when season is over.

chamomille tea

I must show you the state of my herbal garden since mid-april till this day. It is just so full that we really need to get our acts together...to gather and use them. They are also starting to bloom making the garden look so pretty in their chaotic stage.

my herb garden is packed

In our vegetable garden...it's more or less the same...everything is filled to the brim with veggies going into full bloom...sending all sorts of bees and butterflies in frenzy! Most of them are winter veggies bolting into seeds. I just love this sort of chaos. Soon, I will collect the seeds to store for future sowing and use.

the vegetable garden is chaotic and beautiful

This year, the granny bonnet plant decided to sow themselves everywhere too...so this spring, there's just so many flower heads that attract great big blue bees that sounds like hovering helicopter.

granny's bonnet - aquigelia are everywhere too

I know the garden is always calling my name...but, I feel like chilling out a bit with more cups of herbal tea. Life sometimes calls us to the slow lane too. Wishing you a much better week than what I had.



  1. So sorry to hear what happened to your brother's house. Thank God no one is hurt. I hope by now you and the others have recovered from the food poisoning. I love to see your herbal and veggie garden doing so well and the blooms are so beautiful.

  2. Hi Annie, sorry to read about your food poisoning and your brother's house. Lucky nobody is injure. god Blessed.

    Love your garden and the abundance of herbs. They are really lovely.

    Warmest regards,


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