Monday 9 May 2016

Updates this month

Dear Family & Friends

At this moment dandelion puffs are everywhere. I don't know what's your view on dandelion...many sees them as dreadful weeds... but I'd like to see the beautiful side of this too. If you can't fight them them! Thankfully, the photo below is not our garden..yeah we do have dandelions but not this much.

Dandelion Puff in nearby field

In our garden, our tortoise called 'Tin-tin' has finally woken up from his hibernation. It's nice to see him roaming around and around our garden, one moment you see him here, another moment you see him there...he is entertainingly a very fast walker! He checks all the produce in our garden, constantly eyeing on the ripening strawberries. We humans are the same...I wonder who will get them first!

 He is out foraging garden produce - he only likes to eat what he likes to eat!
The chickens are much better behaved. They started with their egg production once again as the weather is getting pleasantly warm for that business:) Most of our hens are getting old and soon we can't expect them to keep up with the, we recently bought 8 more three-months old chicks to keep us going:)

One of the hens having her  relaxing moment

The new set of chicks are varied in colours...the lady vendor just gathered them for us. They are our new chicken tractor for the garden...happy enough to keep down our grass and bugs. 

Just look at the closed up design of te hen's feather - isn't it beautiful?

Besides giving us easy to prepare ingredients for our every or almost every meals...(yes, we don't mind omelet or boiled eggs for everyday meal...we're that easy)...these hens are very entertaining and as you can see they are very photogenic...just look at those beautifully coloured and patterned feathers!

Another very closed up photo of  a grey coloured feather friend

OK...that's our homestead, let's get into some seriousness. The progress of our little city apartment is going on schedule. We try to check on the development each time we go to the city to do errands - like mundane shopping! 

The communal entrance foyer is yet to get it's finish - look.

We've signed a contract with the owner that they have to hand over the finished apartment on our agreed and specified time...otherwise, there's a penalty payment involved if it is not met. So far, so good. At this time, we are mentally  preparing on how to manage our schedule...once it's handed over, we need to finish and work on the interior decoration ourselves.

Basic entrance door to the apartment is now in place.

The exterior is now unveiled...just a few bits to touch up. Then...a few more basic interior and communal areas to work on. It is amazing how fast they work on the construction. We are looking forward to the finalization in a very short time from now. 

We're quite excited to see the drape over the building is now off. It's almost there!

All's busy and preoccupied in our individual and family unit's daily work...but we have no's good when you got work to do as always. Just be diligent and faithful with what you are given to do at this moment. One step at a time.

Hope it is all well with you where you are too. Have a good and blessed week.



  1. The dandelion puffs look very pretty. I've read that the flowers are sweet and can be eaten raw though I haven't eaten them myself. We used to rear chickens too but no more. Looking forward to see the decorated apartment.

  2. Our Abby will surely love to blow the dandelion seeds.


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