Friday 13 May 2016

All things bright and beautiful

Dear Family & Friends

Today I've got some artful photographs taken by our big girl. There's so many beautiful things we could see just inside the garden. Let's go and take a peep:)

Let's go to our garden

Tulips are fascinating flowers. They move a lot. At night they close their flower to look like a 3D triangle...once morning comes, they open their petals to expose the fascinating colours and design of  the flower centre. The colour is so intense!

The centre ore of a tulip flower

We don't own any special camera...but my girls seems to know how to use it to make impressive photos. Even the common weeds of Dandelion flowers looks gorgeous:)

zig zag edges of the individual dandelion petals

Fruit trees produces lots of blossoms in spring time...the colour of the flowers varies a bit depending on the type of fruit. This white five petals flower is of a pear tree...but the plum tree blossom also looks the same except, the stamen is yellow instead of pink.

pink anthers of the stamen - a pear blossom

My garden friend...the honey bee was caught in action...busy as always...and they love visiting flowers to flowers.

busy fuzzy honey bee

My last photo is of the bright green of a succulent plant. I don't know it's exact name, but they love to cover the grounds of our garden.

a succulent plant leaves - up close

Hope you enjoyed these photos....they are just everyday thing we see at the moment...but don't forget to see and appreciate it more closely. Be encouraged...there's many beautiful things that surrounds you each day:) Enjoy your day!


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  1. Hi Annie.
    Its good to see you blogging again.
    Have been busy these days trying to get back into trying to finish up my postgraduate studies after running away from it for years.


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