Friday 22 July 2016

Our summer entertainment?

Dear Family & Friends

'Have you been to the seacoast?' That seems to be the frequently asked question least in this part of the world. You see, summer equals seacoast holiday!! Nothing more complicated or dreamed of for our village people. Life is simple:)

Flowers that say: it's summer time:)

When the Black Sea of Bulgaria settles down in the population count of holiday makers, we'll take our turn to visit:) We opt for a quieter holiday - right here. There's just too much going on around the world recently. It's more peaceful and safer where we are.

She's about to doze off...

For the meantime, in our home's enough to see and observe our chickens falling asleep...yes, quiet entertaining LOL!

I told you...she's gone to dreamland!

Summer heat induces day sleeping - siesta - to many of us! So with our chickens too! 

Notice the two hens singing to put the rooster to sleep?

I think those two chickens were singing lullaby till the rooster on the left fell asleep! At least, that's what we thought was going on looking at this photo!

Sweet red gooseberries

The garden is giving us some fruity berries compensation at this time! We have strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries...not many, but enough for the girls to keep on going back and forth for snacking! There's blueberry and chokoberry fruit buds too (for the first time)...but still waiting for a full formed fruit! 

Although there's lot of unsettling moments in the world around is best that we focus ourselves to an orderly home first and foremost - the simplest form is the best...yes no need to get anxious about everything else. I wish you all calm and peaceful week!



  1. Annie, you sure know how to live!
    I agree-it's best to ignore what is going on elsewhere. There really is nothing we can do about it. And watching poultry is a far far better way to spend the days. If only world leaders would get chickens and tend gardens. They might not start wars if they were content at home like us!

    1. Love your logical thinking Sue:) If only...
      Wishing you all things nice today:)

  2. Sweet red gooseberries look delicious.
    Love your chickens, your girls, and your garden.

  3. My hens doze off from time to time too - very amusing. They seem to have micro-sleeps.

  4. I too enjoy a simple life. Chicken, birds and plants can keep me entertained. How nice to have a big place to rear your own poultry and grow your own veg and fruits. Have a peaceful week too!

  5. The chooks are pretty happy in their own corner of paradise :D How about your cherry tree ? Cherries are abundant here right now but still a bit expensive for my taste and don't ask about the price of raspberries *sigh* I'm not really sure if I tried gooseberries ......


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