Sunday 17 July 2016

Summer food in bulgaria

Dear Family & Friends

The abundance of summer is always something to look forward to. In Bulgaria, we notice that people tend to eat what is in season. So, when you go to restuarants...everyone serves the same cucumber and tomato salad in their menu. It is best to go for the seasonal salad too - for it's freshness.

A plate of summer meal

We don't normally get fresh summer salad varieties during the winter season...but comes summer, we eat nothing but after day. Fresh cucumber and tomato salad, mixed with yogurt - which is an all season fare, along with the white salty feta like cheese called sirene.

A local fruit market with variety of seasonal fruits

When it comes to fresh fruits...there's also a great variety...but they mostly come in season. Every homes in the village got fruit trees in their garden....abundance and surplus are always going around...we just have to eat a lot more till we're so bloated with liquid. Not complaining at all...afterall, you must understand that we do get very hot summer's days and all these fruits and vegetables are but the best choice food to bring us comfort. Yes, eating in season is for a reason:)

Our neighbours know we also grow the typical local fruit & veggies in our garden...but now and again, bags of same fruits and veggies are passsed on to us via the garden wall/or through the gate! We just got to eat more fruits and veg...Yes! salad everyday for the moment! Wishing you a lovely and fruitful summer.



  1. It's only recently that I've begun to eat seasonally and wow-yes!--things in season are at their peak of flavor. You eat and eat and eat it, and by the time you're sick of it, something new comes along. It's cheaper and better this way.
    I would LOVE to have a fruit vendor near me that has such a delectable variety as in your photo. You are sure lucky!
    Enjoy all your summer bounty.

  2. We also love to eat seasonal food, healthy and delicious. Your salad looks tentallizing.

  3. what a lovely looking plate of food. I love really garlicky yoghurt with lots of grated cucumber. dipping crusty bread in this with a fresh salad. What more could be wanted? yum. Hope the weather is treating you well. we are in for a spell of 2 hot days apparently. in the 30;s. We will see!

  4. it is nice to eat the food and fruits that we grow. i have a tiny garden. Odd days, i can harvest some vege for the table

  5. We too prefer to go for seasonal veg and fruits. They are cheaper and fresher. The best will be from our own garden. They taste sweeter.


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